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Trabajos | Malaka Webs


We are working with several companies from many sectors, customizing and adapting their products to their needs, what helps them to grow organically and to bring their services closer to their target.


Multinational dedicated to the manufacture of products with non-ferrous metals.

Close and family business with more than 20 years heartfully dedicated to investment and development. Specialized in both fusion, forging, laminating, alloying and machining titanium, their flagship product, made in their three factories. Also experts in other materials such as molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium, as well as their alloys.


JB Asesores

Legal Advice

Law firm of great national prestige with an experience of more than 25 years. A strong team of professionals specialized in Jurisprudence, Inheritance, Insurance and Labor Law for small and medium-sized companies, freelancers and individuals.


OB Formación

Civil Guard and National Police Academy

High theoretical and physical training academy for entering the state security forces. Personalized courses from the hand of a fully-trained professional team.

virtual campus

Solid Pro

Solid Surface processing and installation business

Company wide experienced in the field of reform and construction focused on the transformation and installation of Solid Surface, a new generation material, hygienic and non-porous.


Alessa Shop

Women's clothing store

Small women’s clothing store that grows day after day offering its products with the best service at a good price. They work hard in the availability with their customers to manage shipments and returns in the shortest possible time.


Oferta Náutica

Nautical Company

Company of manufacture, repair and sale of nautical products, with a high range of products in which are boats of own construction in their shipyards.

Official distributor of Suzuki and Mercury.


Aprende Español

Spanish academy

He has been teaching hundreds of students for 7 years with fast and excellent results. Don’t think twice and learn Spanish effectively thanks to its online classes.


VG Sales Agent

Sales agent at international level

Enterprising and passionate person of the commercial world, the relations supplier-client and the relations between companies. For more than 30 years he has been in the front row, very close to his clients.

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