Web Creation

Hosting creation
Domain creation
Page planning and structuring
Templates acquisition
Plugins acquisition
IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)
IP Speed up + Mobility
Online Appointment Systems
Qr code system
Virtual Classrooms Creation

Web Design

Colors, graphic elements and styles selection according to the brand aesthetics
Static sketched web design
Content treatment
Products / Services application
Web elements dynamism and interaction
Pictures, Animations, Infographics and other audiovisual elements treatment
Legal Notices, Cookies, Privacy Policies and Quality Policies
Translation of content into other languages ​​(Spanish, French, Italian)

Web Maintenance

Web security checking
Speed ​​test
Security updates and data recovery
Plugins and templates updates
Structural and content changes id needed
Disaster recovery

Platforms & Apps

  1. Meeting

    We identify the needs of your project in an initial

  2. Upgrade Kit

    We give you a package with the price and the steps

  3. Development

    We build your solution and organize meetings

  4. It is done!

    Now you are ready for your new chapter.
    Welcome to the digital age!

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