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▷ Posicionamiento Web | SEO y SEM | Malaka Webs


SEO On-Off page positioning

Website internal analysis (SEO on-page).
Website external analysis and its acceptance (SEO off-page).
Plugins for SEO treatment installation.
Keywords development.
Snippets preparation.
SEO On-page improvements (titles, links, descriptions, other texts, etc.).
SEO Off-page improvements (enrichment of snippets, php functions, asci characters, advanced CTR, etc.).
Applications, plugins and specialized positioning resources use.
Monitoring from specialized platforms.

Advertising campaigns

Keywords development for product location
Previous study of target (potential audience)
Text, pictures and video content preparation
Ad groups deployment
Advertising Campaign creation
Real-time data tracking
Keywords and themes addaptation to improve
the CTR (Cost per Ratio)
Results detailed analysis

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