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Equipo | Malaka Webs


Malaka Webs was born from the vocation to help all those professionals, SMEs and freelancers, who seek to prosper in the new Digital Era, to become visible in a completely individualized and economical way.

Our main objective is to offer the most complete and specialized service possible in any online sector that can help your company grow on the Internet. For this, we have set up a large team of highly specialized experts who cover any subject, from the creation of your own identity as an entrepreneur, to the creation of your own corporate App.

In this way, when starting your project, you will not have to worry about looking for a company or a website for each step you want to take. We will help you directly with the commitment to get involved and ensure that each of these steps are in the right direction.

The important thing is not us, it is your project.

Iván Aurelio Márquez Morales

Programming & Web Development


Mónyca Montes Linde

Graphic Design & Branding


Alejandro Aparicio Gregorio

SEO & Community Manager


Irene Miranda Miranda

Graphic Design, Ilustration & Photography

en_GBEnglish (UK)
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